MECTECH is Your Go-To Source for All Thermal Utility Needs in Pakistan

MECTECH is a highly specialized engineering company. In operation since 1988, we have developed innovative and enhanced turn-key solutions for the benefit of our customers, which so far have resulted in a long list of highly satisfied clientele nationwide.

Our knowledge is based on many years of experience and our ability to always thinking alternative and different ways has enabled us to apply the latest technological know how to create even better more effective energy solutions.

We always supply customized turn-key solutions designed to meet specific customer needs, and we thoroughly analyze every single new project to develop and deliver the best possible to our customer.

MECTECH is therefore always one step ahead, often supplying its customers with energy plants and allied auxiliaries that are even better than they expected. This in turn means they receive an energy plant which lasts longer, requires a minimum of maintenance and offers a faster return on investment.

Throughout the world, companies are under growing pressure to increase sustainability, limit reliance on fossil fuels, and reduce environmental emissions. Many are responding with net-zero goals, but few are sure of how to get there. Our experts will develop a pragmatic, tailor-made plan of action that includes thermal mapping of your facilities, products, technology and software, bundling, planned redundancies, mitigated risk, expert operations and maintenance, and all the necessary steps to minimize your energy use, optimize your system’s efficiency, and decarbonize your primary energy sources.









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