Gas Regulation

Gas Pressure regulators

Gas pressure regulator ensures a constant outlet pressure when the gas usage varies and ensures a quick pressure regulation when the flow rate abruptly changes.

Gas filters

Gas filters have the task of separating gas impurities such as dust, welding residues and other solids in gas-carrying lines at a defined point. They are mainly used in gas pressure control and measuring systems and upstream of such devices whose function is impaired by contamination.

Gas safety shut-off valves

The main purpose of the safety relief valve SL 5 is to relieve small pressure increases and quantities in the controlled system to prevent the safety shut-off valve from being triggered. The safety relief valve SL 5 is suitable for small blow-off quantities and simple applications.

Gas safety relief valves

The flue gas would be generated after the metal smelting, acid making, solid waste incineration etc. The direct discharge of the flue gas is a large loss of heat. Recovery of high temperature flue gas can save energy and make rational use of waste heat. The waste heat boiler, air preheaters, hot water energy savers are the good choice to recover the waste heat with low cost, saving the energy efficiently, reducing the energy cost.

Gas Ball Valves

Flanged ball valves consist of a two-piece nodular cast iron body and are in fire-safe design. The floating ball inside the body, which is chambered on three sides, is adjusted with the handle. Optionally, the handle can be replaced by an electric or pneumatic rotary actuator.