Steam and Condensate

Steam Traps

 We provide a full range of steam traps for all industrial applications, including:

• Inverted Bucket Steam Traps
• Float & Thermostatic Steam Traps
• Controlled Disc (Thermodynamic) Steam Traps
• Thermostatic Steam Traps:

»» Bellows. »» Wafer. »» Bimetallic

• Syphon Drainage Flash Steam Applications
• Superheated Steam Applications
• Clean Steam Applications

Self-acting Pressure and Temperature Regulating Valves

GP-2000 External Pilot, Diaphragm Operated, Pressure Reducing Valve
GP-2000R External Pilot, Diaphragm Operated, Back Pressure Regulating Valve
OB-2000PT External Pilot, Diaphragm Operated, Pressure Reducing Valve
OB-2000 Series Diaphragm Operated Temperature Regulator
GD-30 Series Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valve
OB-30 & OB-31 Direct-Acting Temperature Regulator
DRP Series Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valve

Control Valve

  • FLY Series Control Valve
  • SMD Series 3 WAY Control Valve
  • K-MAX Control Valve
  • DS Series Sanitary Control Valve

Condenstate Recovery Equipments

Armstrong offers a complete line of pumps to handle all your condensate recovery needs.

• Pump Trap Packages

• Steam Trap / Pump Combination (Double Duty®)

• Electric Pump Packages

• Boiler Feed Systems

• Flash Recovery Vessels

Steam Quality Monitoring (QM-1,QM-3)

Armstrong’s Steam QM® series provides automatic steam quality monitoring which allows you to improve steam system efficiency, increase safety, and ensure that steam quality meets global standards.

Trap Managment Products

Armstrong offers leading-edge technology, software, equipment and services

for best in-class trap management:

• SAGE® software to efficiently manage your steam trap population from anywhere;

• SAGE UMT® semi-automatic handheld device to test a steam trap anytime;

• Everactive batteryless-wireless monitoring service for 24/7 real-time insights;

• Innovative piping solutions to safely replace a failing steam trap in less than 5 minutes.