Boiler Feed Water Pumps/centrifugal pump

To ensure adequate feedwater flow a boiler must have at all times a slightly higher capacity for feedwater than for steam generation capacity of boiler. This pump is fitted with mechanical seal or labyrinth glands to prevent leakage along the shaft and a balance piston to achieve hydraulic balance and balancing line from first stage to last stage to accumulate the thrust in feed water pump

Chemical Dosing Pump

Dosing pumps are oscillating positive displacement pumps designed to add a variety of media to a process at a highly accurate flow rate.

The pump type is used for a wide variety of applications and industries, from wastewater treatment to food processing.

Fuel Oil Pump

Oil pumps are used for several applications including pumping, transferring and offloading grease, oil and similar fluids. Both positive displacement and centrifugal pumps are used in oil pump applications, though a positive displacement rotary pump is best for substances with a viscosity of 3,000 SSU or more