Flow Measurement


With turn down up to 100:1, the Vortex meter offers 1.5% of rate accuracy or better. Applicable for a variety of fluids, vortex meters can be easily installed to deliver accurate measurement over a potentially impressive turndown.


The Verabar® provides the most accurate, reliable technology for measuring gas, liquid and steam as well as the lowest operating and installation costs.


The VERIS Accelabar® is a new and unique flow meter that combines two differential pressure technologies to produce operating ranges never b attainable before in a single flow meter. It is capable of generating high differential pressures for measuring gas, liquid and steam at turndowns previously unattainable—with no straight run requirements.


Orifice Plates are the most commonly used differential pressure measurement device and are applicable for measurements in gases, clean liquids, and low velocity steam

Turbine gas meter/Quantometer

Turbine gas meters are used to measure gas volume in the pressure range from atmospheric to 11 MPa and in the temperature range from -25˚C to 70˚C (120˚C – CGT-02 HT version). Their design ensures maximum accuracy of measurements with minimal pressure losses and a compact construction of the measuring system (the required length of the inlet section in billing systems is only 2xDN).

Water Flowmeters

Water meters are assigned to industrial measurements of water usage up to 30 degrees of cold water and up to 130 degrees of hot water in relatively regular and strong flaw rate. Construction of the water meter gives possibility of mounting on horizontal, vertical and inclined water supply systems with counter set upwards, sidewards or in medium position H-V.

Fuel Oil Flowmeters

  • To measure heating fuel consumption by oil burners (for example, in heating boilers, industrial furnaces, tar processing plants)
  • Consumption monitoring and optimisation (ships, generators and large vehicles, etc.)
  • Flow measurement for mineral oils
  • Optional remote processing and integration into superior systems